Chinese Pastor (Full Time)

A. Introduction:
The Chinese Pastor is responsible for nurturing the Chinese congregation, leading and building up the Chinese Ministry. The Chinese and English pastors oversee the team that provides the spiritual guidance to Chinese Baptist Church.

B. Minimum Qualifications:
1. Be a born-again Christian.
2. Meet biblical qualifications as defined in I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.
3. Completed training in an accredited seminary with at least a Masterís of Divinity degree. Other degrees may be acceptable if balanced with additional pertinent experience.
4. Have at least five years of pastoring a Chinese or English/Chinese congregation or equivalent experiences, preferably in North America.
5. Concur with the Chinese Baptist Churchís Statement of Faith.
6. Has the heart and desire to minister to both Chinese and English speaking ministries.
7. Fluency in Cantonese and English

C. Other Qualifications:
1. Effective level of oral (small and large group presentation) and written communications skills.
2. Ability to facilitate, motivate and lead teams of volunteers. (We believe that everyone is to be a minister of Godís love. The pastoral teams must develop effective discipleship program to expand Godís kingdom.)
3. Ability to encourage, motivate and support church team members towards a deeper relationship with Christ.

D. Specific Responsibilities:
1. Oversee and support the various aspects of the Chinese ministry, coordinating with pastoral team.
2. Preach regularly in the Chinese service(s) and periodically in the English Service
3. Oversee the ministry of different Chinese fellowships and community groups
4. Provide pastoral care and follow-up.
5. Provide teaching, discipleship and leadership training.
6. Provide supervision of the Chinese Ministerial Assistant, the Chinese Secretary, and the Chinese Youth Pastor.
7. Oversee Chinese Sunday School and Christian Education programs.
8. Communicate regularly with the pastoral team and church leadership.
9. Attend and provide reports to the Deacon Board, Advisory Council, and church membership meetings.
10. Coordinate with pastoral team to carry out the administrative responsibility including internal and external activities of the church.
11. Coordinate with pastoral team to take an active role in community activities.
12. Maintain regular office hours on-site.

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