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The church leadership prayed, discussed, and agreed that it would be good for the English service to have an English name that does not exclude non-Chinese English speakers. This topic was brought up and discussed within the Pastoral Staff, Advisory Board, Deacon Board, Small Churches, and Young Adults groups. The idea of the English service having an English name is not new, but has been discussed in the past for many years. Matter of fact, this was recommended by a church consultant we previously hired to evaluate our church. That being said, the church leadership would like to communicate with the rest of the church family about this initiative. In order to address the common questions that may arise, the church leadership created the Frequently Asked Questions for your information.

FAQ CBC English DBA (Doing Business As) 

  • Why do the English DBA?
    • An English church name should reflect our commitment to do the Great Commission and reach all English speakers in the greater Seattle area
      • To fulfill the current constitution that states that we exist as a body of committed believers to glorify God by: “Evangelizing the community” is to go and win disciples for Christ through the proclamation of the Gospel. (Matt. 28:19-20)
    • An English name should be more inclusive (not ethno-exclusive) of the non-Chinese English speakers so that they too can feel that CBC is their church
      • Chinese qualifier in the current English name inherently excludes non-Chinese people
    • An inclusive church name makes it easier to invite non-Chinese English speakers to Small and Big Church
    • Church exists to perpetuate the Gospel and not Chinese culture
    • In order for our church to thrive and flourish into the future decades, we need to be able to reach all English speakers because there is a limited number English speaking Chinese population in the Seattle area
  • Does the English DBA change the CBC legal name?
    • No, the legal name remains Chinese Baptist Church. DBA means “Doing Business As” or an alias or a nickname that people have as an option to use when engaging non-Chinese English speakers to join us at both the Small and Big Church. 
  • How does the English DBA affect Chinese service? Will the English DBA divide the church?
    • It does not affect the Chinese service. Chinese service should continue to use the Chinese words for Chinese Baptist Church (華人浸信會 Yale: wàh yàhn jam seun wúi) or use the English Literal Translation of Chinese Baptist Church.
    • An English DBA will not divide the church because the church will continue to identify and operate as one church. English DBA is like how in Hong Kong, many Hong Kong people have both an English name and a Chinese name.
  • Do I have to use the English DBA or can I use CBC?
    • You have the option to use either the DBA or Chinese Baptist Church
  • When will the church implement the English DBA?
    • Sometime after our in-person worship services resumes. The church leadership intend to communicate and answer any questions before implementing the English DBA.
  • How do we come up with the English DBA?
    • We will likely select a neutral name that does not exclude people
    • We will open it up to the entire church to provide name suggestions so please feel free to submit name suggestions via google form below or contact the church office. The winning submission will receive a nice prize.
    • Staff and AC will decide on the top three name suggestions
    • Then at an All Members Meeting, the members will choose the top name 
  • What is the process for adding the English DBA?
    • Once the Church decides on the English DBA name, the church would file a business license application with the State of Washington

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