What is the plan of action when COVID-19 related ban is lifted?

Two possible scenarios.
Scenario 1 – if the ban is fully lifted without any restrictions
In the best interest of CBC, we will not immediately physically meet, but will take the cautious approach by waiting at least a week. This approach will give us time to see and evaluate how things actually play out.

Scenario 2 – if ban is partially lifted (e.g. wk1 max of 50 ppl, wk 2 max of 100 ppl, week 3 200 ppl, etc)
If the permitted gathering number is close to our pre-COVID weekly average, the Big Church will gather, but enforce three things:
1. enforce the group limit by doing a headcount at the door (enforce the head count based on total in the building)
2. provide enough time to transition between the 2 services without overlap. People must exit the building after each service.
3. no adult non-worship service ministries will be allowed at the church facility until the ban is fully lifted

After we resume our Big Church gatherings, we will continue to disinfect the church with the disinfectant fog sprays.

Small Churches will probably be able to meet physically together prior to the Big Church.

Service Times

Service Times

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