Please wear a mask or even a scarf when going out to public areas where you cannot control social distancing. For example, anytime you go to the store, you cannot control social distancing. The below is how it typically works in most stores. It’s difficult to stop someone from coming right next to you.

Do It Yourself (DIY)
If you don’t have a mask, try to make one with a good air conditioner filter. Lots of good DIY tutorials out there such as

Download Facemask Template

Request the Church for a non-N95 Mask
The church has a limited amount of (non-N95) masks for CBCers who request one. These are non-N95 masks, but better than nothing. We can mail it to your house via USPS or schedule a pick up time at church if needed sooner. To request, please call the church office (206) 725-6363, CBC hotline (971.217.8502) or email

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Service Times

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